I haven't blogged in a while, and I am trying to get back into it.  but there is SO much that has happened since I last blogged.  You know me and my lists...so, I'll start one (in no specific order):
1. I am now working at an environmental consulting firm in A2 about 30 hrs/week.  I. Love. It. 
2. I have discovered I like KIND bars (http://kindsnacks.com/)
3. I have been getting up at 4AM 4 days a week to train for a triathlon.  I know..crazy, right?
4. I started back working 8-12 hours a week at my old job (the one that laid me off).  It is for very specific work tasks...nothing like what I was doing, but still good stuff.
5. I'm very worried about Dax.  She is getting old, and the sore on her side won't heal.  I really need to take her in to the vet.
6. Little Joe is playing coach baseball with Little League.  He isn't very good, but he is the youngest on the team.  He thinks baseball is boring.
7. A few weeks ago, I made an awesome cake for my cousin's Quincineara.  (pics to follow).
8. I ran an indoor triathlon a few weeks ago (10 min swim; 30 min bike; 20 min run).  AWESOME!!
9. Joe turned 7 years old.
10. Joe had a sleepover birthday party, with a camp-out theme.  We pitched the tent in the basement, roasted marshmallows, played flashlight tag, had a scavenger hunt, had a silly string fight, with 5 boys. 
11. Big Joe went to St. Maarten a few weeks ago.  He came back relaxed and refreshed...
12. I'm kind of glad that teaching this semester is done.  I didn't have a good experience.
13. I signed a contract with the Department of Architecture at LTU to teach in the Fall.
14. We are going to Indianapolis this weekend to see family, and a military reunion.  I'm excited!!  I love seeing my family!
15. My boys are awesome.  (I'm just saying...)
16. I'm really having a hard time staying gluten-free.  I keep getting glutened when I least expect it.  My stomach is constantly in pain. 
17. I planted flowers in my yard this past weekend.  Still waiting on the veggies until it is a smidge warmer.
18. I can't WAIT for this summer.  Good things.
19. I am going to be starting a new batch of wine.  Australian Shiraz.  I need to finish bottling the chardonnay though...I ran out of bottles. 
20. My birthday is in a few days.
21. I am having issues with anxiety...maybe because I am spreading myself thin?  (duh!) 
22. I miss some of my old friends.
23. I had a wine-tasting party at my house a few weeks ago.  Lots of girls came - we had a great night.
24. I wish I had more free time, but I'm happy the way things are.
25. I need to find a replacement for scotch. (yes, the drink...)  I told myself that I would learn to enjoy good scotch this year...but I have read that because of the way it is processed...it has gluten.  I'm not sold on this...so I either need to clarify if scotch DOES have gluten - or I need to find another snooty beverage to learn to enjoy...Bourbon?  I don't know.  ideas?
26. I also need to start practicing pie crusts with gluten free flours.  My rhubarb is RIPE...and I don't know what to do with it all!
27. My birthday is in a week, and I have barely had time to think about it.  This year is going too fast.
28. Not only is little Joe playing baseball, but I am "Coach Mom" for the team.  I help the other coaches by keeping the players in line, batting orders, positions, all the details, even keeping score!  It is actually quite fun!
29. I missed my moms on Mother's Day this year...but not too badly.  I thought good memories of them.
30. I need to stop procrastinating!!!!


My return

I swear…I’m not dead.  I’m just overwhelmed.  Very. 


1.       I started a new job.

2.       I’m training for a triathalon.

3.       I started another new job.

4.       I’m teaching at LTU.

5.       It is springtime…and my mind is thinking about my garden.

6.       I am officially “Coach Mom” for Joseph’s baseball team. 

7.       I’m a mom.  Deal with it.


I promise I will update. There might be less pictures…there might be some soapbox rants.  Deal with it. 


Love and kisses to you all!!!