Changing Places and Roles

I've been thinking a lot about friendships. Are they more or less important as we grow older? Do they mean the same thing to others? Do they mean the same to me? Are friendships worth the effort? Are friendships important as we grow families and careers?

I feel pretty lucky to have some amazing friends in my life. Some of them I have known for almost 30 years. Some of them shared growing up and teenage troubles with me. Some of them I have only known since college. Some of them I have only known since I started my career. Some of them I have only known for less than a year. Are they all important to me? YES. Am I important to them? I hope so...but I'm not so sure anymore. Bear with me...

I understand that friendships change over time. I also understand that some friendships take a wrong turn somewhere and can not withstand difficulties. I have lost a few friends from change in geography. I have lost only a few friendships for stupid reasons (some of which I still don't understand). But it still isn't easy to lose a friend.

Losing a friend, or losing contact with a friend hurts. It hurts a lot. It amazes me how *little* some people value a friendship. Sometimes there are trite issues that split people apart. But what I find is this: people don't put effort into friendships.

A good friendship doesn't come easy. A friendship needs to be nurtured. If both people don't actually put in the effort to BE friends - then the friendship won't work. I've seen this so many times...and it hurts. I tend to always be the one that makes the effort - because I care about my friends. I think I care too much. I don't like losing friends. Friendships are needed. Friendships make you a better person.

When was the last time you nurtured a friendship?

Plants and Digging to the Inner Crust of the Earth

I think I overdid it. Like usual. I planted all 72 plugs with seeds...and every single one germinated. I think I will be giving away baby plants to friends, once they get big enough. You know - I do this every year...I should know better. But, better to be safe and have too many veggies than none!!

Joseph has decided that he wants to dig to the next layer in the Earth's crust. (Those were his words...not mine....Thank you Second Grade Science.)

He has made alot of progress...in the MIDDLE of my garden. He isn't very happy when I remind him that the holes will be filled in by April 15. He can stand in the hole, and is still working on it as we speak. The sanitary lead is under there somewhere - I'm hoping it is deep though.


Ever notice how a memory that doesn't really exist can seem so powerful, even if you KNOW you were there, but you just can't remember it?

I've been doing some spring cleaning (er...getting rid of clutter)...and came across something that is clutter, but I won't ever get rid of...My birth Mom's cookbooks. I don't know the story behind why she wrote down and chronicled about 8 spiral notebooks full of recipes. And some mini-3-three binders. And a photocopied packet from an Indonesian cookbook.

Many of the pages are splattered and stained. Some are crossed out. Some have notes in the margin; "Great" or "made 3/13" or "needs more salt". Some phone numbers are jotted down in the margin. Some pages even have crayon scribbling across the entire page. I have to believe that is my doing. Which means I was there.

I was there when my mom made Banana Bread, or Mud Cake, or Lemon Chicken (yes - those are all written on the same page). I was there when she found a recipe to write down and make for her family. I was there when she spilled the 1/2 cup of water onto the cookbook (which explains a lot...seeing that I spill EVERYTHING also).

But more importantly - I. Was. There. You see - I can't remember anything about my mom. I spent 6 years with her, but who can remember times from before they were 6? I have photos. I have events that are vague. I have what people have told me...but I don't have my own memories. And that isn't fair.


Crazy Bugs, Seeds and Chocolate

How many of you forgot to spring the clock forward? I did...of course. I feel like I have lost half of my Sunday morning! (yes - I realize that it is only an hour!!)

Not for the faint of heart: check this bug out!! I found him on the blinds in the bathroom...no clue how he got in the house though. I *think* he is an assassin bug...which means he is harmless. He actually eats the other little yucky bugs. However, he looks a little like a stink bug too - which are gross. I caught him and threw him outside. Yes - he'll probably freeze to death - but that is the Circle of Life, my friend.

I started my seeds already. (only 6 weeks until May!!) I have 72 little plugs of: oregano, basil, morning glories, poppy, yellow tomato and butternut squash. There are other veggies that I will directly sow. And there are other veggies that I don't have luck starting from seed, so I will just buy the plugs at Schwartz's.
As for self-indulgence...this chocolate bar is heaven. Last week, I was on my way back to work from a meeting - and found that I hadn't had lunch yet. I wandered over to Sparrow Market in Kerrytown, and though I *love* this little market - I was struggling finding something that I really wanted. I grabbed an apple and a box of GF crackers...but wasn't excited about it. As I was checking out, I pondered the chocolate selection. The cashier shyly asked if I was interested in any chocolate. I told her no- because nothing was really jumping out at me. She recommended the "Lindt with the Sea Salt" Huh? Seriously? She assured me that I would like it..."Just try it!!" So - I did. Holy Crow! She was right!!! I'm in love with my new found chocolate bar!!

Busy week coming up...and I can't wait!! I've been in the new job for 5 weeks...and I am learning so many new amazing things! And I LOVE IT!!!!


Wine, Sunrises and the Rouge River

I started a new batch of wine last week. A French Sauvignon Blanc. It is very sweet-smelling right now. And it is bubbling away in the basement. Joseph helped me start the batch...I had him smell the yeast to see if it was activated.
He also stirred the batch for me. (Yes - I put him to work!!!) I haven't racked it off into the carboy yet - the SG is still too high, so I'm waiting, and checking.

This was the sunrise view from our front window a few days ago. Gorgeous, huh? Joseph woke up early and came out into the living room and pointed out how beautiful it was. I hadn't really noticed - but...Wow.

As you know, I have spent the past 15 years of my career working in and around the Rouge River. I have a soft spot in my heart for this abused urban river. Mr. Ford ruined it, and we are doing our best to restore it. However - my son has now also caught the bug...and he knows more about the Rouge River than any normal 7-year old should know. He built a model for me....a bridge, over the Rouge River...out of Legos. How cool is this?!?!?!

In other news - I just finished my first month at my new job. (Wow - time flies when life is awesome!!) I'm overloaded, busy, overwhelmed, and LOVING IT!!! I have some amazing opportunities to work on some great projects, with great people and can really make a difference. The workplace has respect, integrity, passion, creativity, collaboration...in a word: perfection. Good times.