This is why it takes me forever to take a shower...

How cute is the puppy that has taken over our bathtub? Don't mind the shower chair.


2012 Resolutions...

Here they are - some small, some large.

1. Finish repairing turquoise quilt
2. Organize the basement room
3. Make a ring with both mom's stones from their wedding rings
4. Make a quilt from blue fabric pieces of batik that I found in the bottom of the chest from Indonesia.
5. Play Golf with Joseph this summer - several times
6. Take a hot air balloon ride in early October
7. Walk the Detroit Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving
8. Be more optimistic
9. Blog more often - 3x per week
10. Love unconditionally (I'm pretty sure that I do this already - but I wanted to give myself a reminder!)
11. Write more handwritten letters
12. Recover successfully from my PAO surgery

Who did I let down this time?

You may notice that today is Monday - Jan 23...the day I was *SUPPOSED* to go back to work. Yeah, well, that didn't happen. I had a slight (painful) setback this weekend, and I realized very quickly that I bit off more than I can chew, and decided to spend another week at home. Sigh.

I have my post op appointment this afternoon...we will see how that goes.

I have been going a little stir crazy at home. I know this about myself. I cannot sit still for too time - or I go bonkers.

I'm very frustrated with myself - for several reasons. (1) Did I ask/expect too much of myself? or (2) am I being a wimp? Maybe both. Maybe neither. Either way - I'm frustrated at the end of the day.


A million ideas in my brain

I truly have to wonder what the side effects of Vicodin are...because I can't concentrate on anything for longer than 20 minutes that actually needs brain power. Maybe this is what adult ADD is like. I've been making a list (duh...of course I have) of all of the things I want to blog about. I think my challenge to myself will be to spend no more than 20 minutes on each post/topic...and get through them all. I have some funny stories. I also have some FYIs for anyone considering a PAO surgery ....lessons learned.
But I will leave you with one small bit of info. I have found some truly great friends in this whole experience, but I have also found out some people just don't have the time to care. While I realize that my surgery is not very exciting, I guess that my expectations of friendships has just been too high. Or...to put a positive spin on it...I have some amazing friends who set the bar SO high that the average friend/person has no chance of reaching it.

Love to you all--


starting the story

Maybe I'll start in the middle of the journey. Maybe I will bounce around with the stories and then summarize with a timeline. I don't know. I have a million things in my mind...I wonder why.

Today is day three at home. The first day was OK. The second day was OK. The third day...I'm guessing it will be OK too.

I have so many thank yous that I need to get out there.

I have so many good things I want to say about the surgery.

I have a handful of complaints....(thankfully not too many)

I have some funny stories.

I have some tips and tricks for those individuals who may have to have a PAO in the future.

I have goals and wishes and dreams.

(Which made me realize that I haven't shared my resolutions yet...that will come...)

This really sounds like this will be a series of lists...interjected with photos. I highly doubt I will post a picture of my scars...mostly because I don't want you to lose your lunch. or breakfast, or coffee. So - I will leave you with picture of my amazing family:


First recap and highlights

I know that i will have so much to say....i tried to keep a notepage in Evernote just to keep track of things that i wanted to remember and share:

I am on the pediatrics Ward.
I'm in pain. A lot.
Cpm = Continuous Passive Motion Machine. (In other words...torture device)

This list/posting is only a timeline of sorts....a brief summary...there will be plenty more later. Im tired and need another Vicodin...I'm in pain right now.

My amazing friends bought me a kindle to keep me occupied..I love them!
There was a hospital wide power outage (thankfully it was after my surgery was complete and i was in recovery.
I had Pain management issues to start.
Valium works wonders
Joe brought me fresh real coffee from home. That man is amazing!!
All nurses are being very wonderful and helpful
But...the Phlebotomist is horrible
I was not able to eat until I passed gas....which I proudly accomplished at 615 pm on saturday. Yay!
My friend/sister Betty came to visit on saturday night...which I really appreciated!!
I quickly achieved 90 degree on the cpm...wow.

Joseph is scared to come up to the hospital, after seeing me in pain and seeing the tubes all over the place coming out of me. We instead have decided to rely on email between just the two of us. He has his own email that I send letters to. I miss my little Guy a lot.

After not having a great first meal, i was starving at 130am on Sunday morning. The night nurse allowed me to have some Strawberry jello..which was awesome!!

The resident took the dressings 80 percent off on sunday morning at 8 am.

Sunday am ...switched to oral pain meds...Vicodin.  I would rather have lortab though.

We finally figured out that I had a pediatric menu so there are no gluten free offerings on it.

Sunday morning - first attempt at crutches.  Nearly vomited.  Blacked out from pain and was unsuccessful at using crutches.  i should not have taken painkillers right before...However ...an hour later , after the catheter had already been out I realize I had to pee... which meant I had to figure it out on my own how to use the crutches and the toilet.  Luckily the nurses were wonderful and helpful.

Figured out how to order celiac food from the cafeteria... deli sandwich no bread. And more of that delicious pudding from last night. 

Then...the Nutritional specialist came into informed me that the hospital does have gluten free bread upon request.  Nice to know that now. 

Joe came up to visit around 1130 on Sunday morning . He brought coffee again... which is wonderful.

Sunday night Dinner sucked...dry salmon and green beans.
Gf bread was horrible - why bother.

Slept on and off from 7 pm to 11pm on sunday evening.   Vicodin and Valium interchanged.  Valium doesn't seem to help, but it makes me mellow and sleepy. They always give me a Valium right before they ask if I want to attempt to go to the bathroom...which is quite a debacle in itself.

I have gotten Good at using the commode when placed right next to the bed.  I can scoot to the edge, then support myself on my arms to inch over to the commode.  It is still very difficult for me to not use my left leg, even as a weight bearing pivot point.  I can not coordinate the use of a crutch yet which has proven to be difficult. 

The pt assignments are hard. 
1. Sit on edge of bed/ chair and lift leg (with hand) 500x
2. Sit on edge of bed/chair and move leg in (w/o hand) 500x.
3. Lie flat in bed...no cpm for 20 Mon.   3x.  (Already done )
3. Sit in chair 3x. (I'm counting my time in the commode).

All for now. I'm tired and in pain. Waiting pTientlt doe my next Valium or Vicodin. I never know which to expect. Feel free to email or text me. Or even call me. However...if you do call, expect me to sound like I've had a few...which might provide for some fun on your end.

Love you all

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I have a Very. Weak. Stomach.

Oh. My.




Go ahead and watch it…but this is NOT for the faint of heart.  I couldn’t finish the video.


Here is another informational sheet:  http://www.hipandpelvis.com/patient_education/periace/page1.html (Be sure to click through all 4 pages)


This is what I will be doing in less than 48 hours. 


testing - are you out there?

With the New Year, and this pending major experience in my life (surgery), I’ve decided to revisit the blog, and make a pact with myself. 


“Blog: 3X” 


That means 3 times a week.  I’ll be blogging.  If you aren’t interested and want to be taken off of the notify list – please let me know, and I will do just that.  But, if you want to know all the details in my life – then, believe me, you’ll get them.  At least 3 times a week!!