nothing much...

Things here are hectic for me.  I’m working a lot, and don’t have much time for myself.  I know this is a bad thing…I need to learn to say “NO”.  It has been a problem of mine for a long time.  I keep thinking that maybe I’m not doing my job well…but I’ve realized that I have too much on my plate.  And I need to cut down some stuff.  I know where that needs to be – and I’m working on it.  It won’t be overnight, but I need to make sure that I am happy, and not just making others happy. 


Other than that realistic view of life – things are good.  Little Joe had his school pictures on Monday – and I let him dress himself.  Hee!  He chose to wear dress pants, a button-down oxford and a tie.  Seriously.  His teacher said he was, by far, the most handsome student of the day.  And he had his hair cut on Sunday, which made him look like a teenager!  I swear…he is growing up so fast, right in front of my eyes, and I can’t believe it. 


He has to read every night, as well as do any homework assigned.  And some nights…we argue, and he gets mad because he wants to play, rather than do his homework.  Other nights, (like last night), we sit at the kitchen table, do the homework quickly, and neatly, and then have a great night of lego-building and cuddling or movie-watching or bike-riding.  He is like a little lawyer – he tries to trade and bribe and make side deals.  “If I write one sentence, can I play with my legos for 15 minutes, then I’ll do another sentence?”  Ugh.  He keeps me on my toes – that’s for sure!


It is also hunting season…and I can’t wait until our freezer gets newly stocked with fresh venison!  I’m looking forward to yummy venison.  I’d like to try making breakfast sausage…but I have to find a GF spice mix/cure…which is a little difficult.  Maybe I have to make my own spice blend…we’ll see.