95th Division Reunion

My Grandpa Komp is an amazing man. Period. He was in WWII - and has opened my eyes to so much more history than my 26 years of education ever did.

We went to a military reunion for the 95th Division down just outside of Indianapolis...and we heard amazing stories from WWII vets. These men are heroes. I was pretty much in awe most of the weekend.

One of the families hosted a BBQ for all of the vets and their families at their farm outside of town:

Here is the inside of their house: (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beadboard ceiling, so I took a picture of it, because I WANT IT!!) That's my cousin Elizabeth in the corner...

We also took a visit to the airfield at Camp Atterbury, who hosts the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum.
Grandpa gave Joe a 95th coin...and told him that the next time he sees him...he should have that coin with him. And if he doesn't...then he will have to buy drinks for everyone in the room. :)
And a pic of the boys - enjoying ice cream sundaes at Zaharkos (a cool ice cream parlor that has been restored)

catching up with pics...

Joe playing pitcher...he LOVED playing the infield, and he really got into the game when he was a part of the action. If he was in the outfield however...forget it. He was more interested with the dirt.

For mother's day, my boys got me the most beautiful crock from the Greenfield Village Artisans. Handmade in the village...this is for chilling wine. It currently resides in my fridge...at the ready!! :)

And here is the start of the garden pictures. Joe was helping me plant the onion starts/sets I got from Luke's Feed Store in Troy. I love that place.


silly string and rain barrels

Joseph's birthday party. Sleepover with 5 boys. A silly string fight. A flashlight scavenger hunt and a tent in the basement. Crazy.

I was able to get the Township to donate a Rain Barrel to Joe's school...here we are installing it.

Joe was very happy to get his own fishing license:

more pics...

I know i've been lax about blogging...so I'm going to try and make up for it with a bunch of photos for the next few blogs...enjoy!! Sometimes I'll caption them...sometimes i won't.

Before I started my new job, I took a road trip by myself to New Jersey, (just on the other side of Philly) to see my best friend (practically sister)...B.

Windmills on the way....so cool.

we went out to eat at an AMAZING restaurant...Rat's. OMG. Best food ever.


Just a few pics from Joe's baseball games:

He bats left, but plays right in the field...
And yes - I'm coach Mom. I help out in the dugout, keeping the players organized, keeping score, etc.

What an awesome horoscope for the day:

You may be stressed by your inability to logically describe what's going on in your life now. It's not that anything bad is indicated; it's just that you would feel better if you knew where the current events were leading. Nevertheless, you have an opportunity now to envision your ideal future, without the pressure of having to make it real. Set aside your concrete goals for just a little while and let your imagination be your guide.

How I wish I could just "set aside my goals". I am consumed by goals. I am consumed by expectations. Isn't everyone? I mean, if we didn't set goals, and just lived on imagination alone...it would be a very different world.