How much can I get done today?

To be done today:
Get Joseph to school on time
break down bed in basement and store
Jillian Michaels (work out)
clean kitchen
send card and pic to Aunt Pat
work on lectures
post lecture
work through labs
email Janus
review presentation for Storm water lecture
mock cake for Mary
wash floor in basement
oh yeah - shower. can't forget that one.

It intrigues me why I am so obsessed with lists. I mean, they float around in my head, and make my decisions for me. I think that there is some small part of me that likes thing JUST SO. Orderly, not chaotic. But if you look at my house, it sure the heck isn't orderly. It is lived in...not messy, just lived in.

I'm having some problems with insomnia. Yeah...not sleeping so well. It's like my mind just won't shut off. Stress, job, life, money, bills, house, Joseph, future, gardening, music, Dax, my car, running, exercising, yoga, the basement...it's like one big party in my head, only I wasn't invited, so I watch from the sidelines. The party is loud, crazy, energetic, and always wants to watch whatever stupid movie is on at 1AM. I've seen the end of Twilight for the past 3 nights. Not the beginning mind you, just the end. (which isn't all bad...) Regardless...I need some sleep. I've all but cut out coffee after noon. I drink tea. I tried warm milk last night...which ALMOST got me sleepy, then by the time I put my head on the pillow, I was wide awake again. ugh.

sigh. enough whining. back to reality.

It finally fell out!!

Check out the missing tooth! That sucker was holding on FOREVER!!!


Another visit to the Henry Ford!!

Little Joe and I went to the museum this weekend...

He's isn't only 6, is he?

I cannot believe the discussion we had with Little Joe last night at the dinner table. He came up with a game for us to play while eating. And yes...it was a little mind-blowing...

The gist: One person gives 3 clues about a Star Trek Spaceship...and the other 2 people have to guess which ship it is. (and, by the way, there is more than one Enterprise...depending on the show, season and timeframe).

This kid never ceases to amaze me. He knew the DETAILS. And I mean DETAILS, people! I simply cannot believe that a 6-year old knows so much about a fictional (OK, to some people it is real) world of starships and space travel. Holy Crow. He even knew the Kelvin!! (An often ignored ship, it investigated an unusual anomaly in the form of a spacial lightning-storm. Upon the captain's death, James T Kirk's father became active captain for 12 minutes, enough time to save almost the entire crew, including his wife and newly born son, and distracted Nero's modified Romulan mining vessel long enough for the evacuation shuttles to escape unharmed.)

My kid is such an awesome scifi GEEK!!!

And then - icing on the cake...as we were getting ready for bed, the show "Ghost Hunters International" was starting...and within 0.5 seconds, he heard the theme music, saw a blip on the TV screen, and knew exactly what show it was, and was extremely excited to watch it.

He is such a curious little munchkin...


good and bad and anxiety.

Positive #1: I am drinking the most wonderful coffee right now. I went to Meijer's bulk coffee section, and some idiot had filled a ton of bags with coffee beans, and not labeled them. I mean, c'mon. JERK!! So...in my bid to do something nice...(so the beans wouldn't be wasted)...I picked up a random bag and put it in my cart. I have no clue what kind of coffee I'm drinking...but HOLY CROW! It is GOOD!!!

Positive#2: I slept well last night, and I even had a good dream...not a nightmare (which I've been having lately...or at least bad dreams that scare the heck out of me!) This dream was pleasant!!

Negative #1: I am feeling very overwhelmed by so many things right now. too many to list.

Negative #2: I stepped on a sliver of glass yesterday and sliced open my big toe. It hurts. there is an inch long gash on the bottom of my toe. and there was LOTS of blood. (but, Little Joe took charge, and played doctor. He even put the band aid on and told me to keep my foot up).

I'm feeling very anxious today. I have alot to do for lectures over the next few weeks, and I'm having difficulty putting together an organized lecture schedule. I just need to buckle down and do it.

Today, I also am having lunch with a friend from Troy. He was a fireman that retired when I was there, but we kept in touch. He wants to take me to lunch. But, this also entails me to 1. go to Troy. 2. return my books at the library, which is next to City Hall. and 3. potentially see people that I don't want to see. I'm not mad at anyone. Well, I'm mad at a few people who have made some pretty insincere comments, and they had better stay out of my way. but, I'm really not mad...I'm embarrassed. I don't have a full time job yet. I have lots of things in the works...but nothing really happening. so, I look like a fool. ugh.


Movies that surprise you

Ever have one of those late evenings, or early mornings when you start flipping channels? I mean, REALLY flipping channels...because there is absolutely NOTHING on television that sounds remotely interesting, yet you have no desire to be productive at that moment, so you KEEP flipping channels until something catches your eye? Yeah...that was me, this morning.

Right now, we are getting the movie channels for free, as a bonus thank you from the cable company. (sidebar: we are never going to actually pay for the movie channels, because nothing good is ever on them anyways!!!) anyhow...I happened upon The Soloist. Recent movie with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., it is the true story of a homeless man living on the streets of Los Angeles. In a life prior, he had been a Juilliard student, classically training in the Cello. However, because of mental illness, he left Juilliard, and ending up sleeping on the streets.

If you ever need to appreciate what you have, watch this movie.
If you ever need to learn to love the music you hear, watch this movie.
If you ever need to take a step back in life and remember what is important, watch this movie.

Let me preface though, by saying this: I REALLY don't like Jamie Foxx. Never have, never will. He is the reason I didn't want to watch the movie - I didn't like him on In Living Color, and the fact that he named a show about himself, after himself? C'mon. He's full of himself. Nonetheless...his performance was good in the movie. Very good. RDJ, though....WOW! He redeemed himself from Ironman in my book. His portrayal of Steve Lopez (the columnist that starts writing about the musically inclined homeless man...) was astounding. I know he isn't alot of people's favorite actor...but he really impressed me this time.

So - enjoy your afternoon, see if you can find this movie on your OnDemand...make a bowl of popcorn and cuddle with the one you love.


This is the Enterprise...

Oh dear goodness. Little Joe's room has been taken over by the Entire Solar System (including Pluto, the non-planet...), as well as the Starship Enterprise!!!! The lamp in the fan is the SUN, hence all of the planets are orbiting around it...

And yes, before you ask, we even let him put up ALL of the glow in the dark star stickers that came with the set. His room looks SO amazing!!! The planets all glow in the dark too. He is ONE HAPPY KID!!! and yes, the Starship Enterprise makes noises too...:)

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Tell people about the GOOD you see in them. You have nothing to lose by informing people of their good points.
Wow. this was rather profound this morning when I read it on the back of some cheesy "self-help" magazine while at the car dealership, waiting patiently for my 2-hour long oil change. But, I digress.

But this quote got me. It got me good. I mean, how obvious is this? But, aside from praising your kids latest coloring attempt...how often do you tell people how awesome they are? Seriously. Really. I can't tell you the last time I did. and I mean it. I probably complemented my husband about something...he looks darn good in jeans...but above that...I'm gonna have to give myself a ZERO.

So - goal for the day: complement a stranger. about something, anything. Cute purse, nice hair, thanks for being courteous...whatever. and a hand gesture doesn't count!!!


The good things...

Things that have made me happy this week:

Being able to run errands all day - On Tuesday, I went to the gym, had a good run, spent time in the steam room, went to Ikea and realized that I really don't like it, went to the mall for returns, found a gift card that I thought had expired, but still had $30 on it, (got 2 sweaters, some unmentionables, and 2 pair earrings all for under $30. I love the clearance rack!!) went to the grocery store, came home, cleaned, and had a good day.

Volunteering at Joe's school - On Wednesday, I spent 2 1/2 hours at Little Joe's school, having 1st graders read to me. Now, some of them were awesome readers...and others....well, not so much. BUT, each and every single one of them was excited and WANTED to read to me. The smile on their faces when I told them "Good Job!" or " Wow - you were Spectacular!"...made me all mushy inside. I didn't think it was going to be so amazing...and fulfilling!

Gluten Free Banana Bread - nuff said. This is HEAVEN!! The recipe is on the back of the Bob's Red Mill all-purpose flour mix that Meijer was selling for $3.79!!! Not a bad price!!! And check it out....
However, this morning...I attempted to practice yoga for a bit. So, I moved the coffee table, laid out my yoga mat, went to get a bottle of water...and came back into the family room to see this:
The dog made herself NICE AND COMFORTABLE on my yoga mat. And when I politely asked her to move, I think she was sending me daggers with her eyes. She did NOT want to move. Therefore, I just did my yoga around her...sometimes ending up with a sloppy wet kiss from her while in down-dog or while stretching...she would get up occasionally, then plop back down always partially on my mat.


First Day.

Today is my first day in almost 13 years that I have stayed home for no reason. (Well, the reason is that I got laid off...) but, I'm not sick, I'm not on vacation, I don't have anywhere to go, anything major to do, Little Joe isn't sick...this SUCKS.

What have I accomplished today?

Took Little Joe to school.
Spoke with his teacher.
Changed his Latchkey schedule.
Spoke to the principal.
Drove home.
washed some blankets.
caught up on old work emails.
emailed some friends.
went through and tossed some old clothes out of the closet.
went through a chest and sorted out material and doilies.
salted the front porch.
entered the publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes.
made a to-do list for the week.
made lunch (gluten-free pasta!!)
worked on some presentation slides for lecture.
put away some xmas decorations.
started repairing a quilt that my grandma gave me many years ago.

notice...I didn't say SHOWER.

The TV hasn't been on, I've been listening to music, which is somewhat motivating. But, now that I just finished my lunch - I am SO ready for a nap, which is rather pathetic.

I still have to:
go get Joe from school.
clean the shelves in the old fridge.
write some letters.
figure out what to make for dinner. (Any ideas?)
make said dinner.


We started off the festivities at Grandma Khris' house with my niece, Ashlyn. Opened gifts, etc...

Here is Little Joe opening his gift from Grandma, the Harry Potter Lionel Train!! Whoo Whoo!!

And Christmas Eve continued over at Aunt Sara's house...where Little Joe met up with some more cousins...

And then subsequently pouted, because he didn't get many presents.

ALL the cousins...(except for those that weren't in attendance...)
And then on Christmas morning...we only got a few photos...as Mom was a little overwhelmed with stuff on her lap and the couch...but...One of Little Joe's FAVORITE presents from Uncle Steve (of the Minnesota Bubbs): An AIRHOG!!!

And here is that blackmail photo for his future girlfriend...I swear. This kid NEVER wears pants. Ever. In public, he will...but around the house...nope. Just his little skivvies!!!

Random Thoughts and Vents.

A couple of random things...

I love hanging things on the walls of our home. Love Love Love it. it makes it seem like more of a home than a place with four walls and a roof. My latest framing project: Nothing fancy, but it fits well between the window and corner in one of those weird small places.

I have a vent...

I cannot stand when people feel the need to tell the same story over and over. To different people, mind you...but all in a small space. And, to boot - the story is completely irrelevant to anything of substance. I (nor anyone else) care what you had for dinner, and what your sister and brother fought about, and what your mom bought at Walmart. Seriously. C'mon people. This is trivial information that you can keep to yourself, unless I ask for something to bore me to death.