another list...good and bad.

These lists are for Nina...because she likes my lists.

Why today is starting out bad:
1. I chopped 3 inches off of my hair last night, got a completely new hairstyle, and NOBODY in my office has even commented. Good or Bad. stupid boys.
2. We have no more insulated coffee cups at our house. The last one cracked yesterday, so I have no (unspillable) way to bring coffee to work now. Why can't coffee mug makers make dishwasher AND microwave safe mugs for busy people like me? I like this one, but knowing me, I'll break it. Regardless, it sucks to not have coffee, or to have to try to not spill any hot coffee in your lap, on the car, down your back while driving 25 miles to work, trying not to run any red lights and cursing the whole way at the other stupid drivers trying to balance their coffee cups too.
3. I didn't get a sick check at work. We get paid out an additional amount if our sick time is over 255 hours. Well, mine is nowhere near that...from all of the hospital visits I took earlier this year...so, I didn't get a check. Come to think of it, I've never gotten a sick check, but I am always jealous of those that do. That being said - none of those people ever have to stay home with a sick kid, because THEIR WIFE STAYS AT HOME!!!! (Ok, that's off my back.)
4. I'm tired. This crap about staying out late for school is driving me nuts. Class until 9PM just isn't conducive to a working career adult life. I don't stay up late normally - how am I supposed to function??
5. The audiobook I got from the library was scratched. Grrrrrrrrrr. I wanted to listen to The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton. but NO....I can't. I didn't even get through 20 minutes on the 1st CD and it is torn to pieces. Stupid scratches.

Why today is starting out good:
1. It is Friday.
2. I am wearing my "Spillers" baseball shirt. (Many years ago, my hubby had these awesome baseball shirts made for me and my Dad. As most of you know...the Scramstad's tend to spill. Alot. especially red wine. So...it has "Scramstad" on the back...and "Spillers" on the front. I love it.)
3. It is Friday.
4. I am meeting a friend for lunch, and I am really looking forward to it.
5. One of my sisters gave me an AWESOME piece of stained glass from her house that she didn't want anymore. I'll post a pic later - but it is SO cool! I have to figure out how to display it.
6. 51 days until graduation.
7. 41 days until my last class. Whoot!!!!
8. I am excited about my graduation party next year...I realize that it is a long way off - but I'm so happy to celebrate this, you have no idea.
9. Joseph woke up this morning early, and wandered into the living room as I was leaving. He was buck-naked, except for his underwear, barely awake yet...and when he saw me, he smiled, his eyes lit up, and he said "Good Morning Mommy!". I almost skipped work, and crawled onto the couch to cuddle with him for the rest of the day. That is the BEST way of all to start your day.

OK - 5 bad versus 9 good. I guess today is starting out more good.

I have pictures to post on the blog - but the camera is acting wonky - so be patient with me. This weekend, I plan on spending some quality time with Snapfish and this blog. So many funny pictures and videos to share....


school, sleepover, hunting and cleaning

Ugh.  School is kicking my rear end..  I have a chemistry midterm next Thursday.  I'm already a little nervous about it.  There is so much that I don't understand in this class.  The prof moved our presentations back a week - so now the last class is on December 10th.  Which means I have even longer to spend in this class!  darnit.  But, nonetheless...I'LL BE DONE!!!!!!
Speaking of - we will be having a graduation/celebration party in early summer next year.  Pig Roast, Bounce House, keg, tent in the back yard - the whole nine yards.  Wanna come?  You're invited!!
Joseph had another sleepover at our house this past weekend.  I'm getting my tubes tied.  I simply cannot handle another child.  There were 2 six-year-old boys at our house.  We set up the aerobed in the middle of the living room, and had a great sleepover...the boys were up pretty late.  And they were both up early the next day, much to my dismay.  They were nice in the morning, and decided to watch a movie, which was quiet, at least until I had my coffee.  Joseph decided that he didn't mind sharing his toys, as long as nothing was broken.   But, of course, he asked to have another sleepover soon!!
The hunter hasn't had the best of luck lately...bow season isn't cooperating.  Well, I should say the deer aren't cooperating!  He's been heading up north every weekend, even in the yucky cold rain...but no luck yet.  I keep hoping that I get that phone call from him..."Got One!!"...but nope. 
Joe and I have decided that our house is full of too much stuff.  WAY too much stuff.  Stuff that we don't use.  Stuff that we don't need.  Stuff that has been in boxes since we moved in, and have never taken out of the box.  Oh yes.  We have too much stuff.
So, last night, he and I walked around the house, pointing out things that we could get rid of.  Either putting it at the curb, or posting something on Craigslist.  Most of the stuff was in the basement...out of sight, out of mind.  Right??  Anyways - I'm very excited about what we have store for us.  This is a HUGE step towards a clutter-free house!!!  I'll probably show pictures in the future, I'm envisioning huge bags of trash and clutter sitting out at the curb.  Want anything?  Need anything?  Just let me know what you might need...I probably have it. 


Good fun at the Reunion...

Pictures from my class reunion this past weekend:

The Sunday picnic: just a few people that attended...
The Saturday night event: catching up with old friends...
What a crazy group of kids!!
A Wright Boy Reunion!!
At Frenchies...on Friday night...
Shot time!!!
Old friends...

Tigers Fan...and a goofy kid!!


Things are hectic, but I'm OK

Things have been so busy here this past week. So many things going on...here's a quick list:

I had my 15-year Class Reunion (Go Railsplitters!!) this past weekend. 3 days of fun, seeing old friends, rekindling friendships, sharing stories and having way too much fun. It started Friday, at Frenchie's in Depot Town. (Next to Sidetrack). I didn't get home until the next morning. Then, there was a dinner/dance on Saturday night - and we stayed out until almost midnight. (pictures to follow). Then, on Sunday - there was a family picnic at Jyro (AKA Ford Lake Park). I had such a wonderful time. It was amazing to pick up with friends as if there hadn't been a 15-year gap. Good people.

Yeah. School.

I made a list.

You know me and my lists...

I have a list of documents that I need to get to the University.
I made a list of final papers, due dates and when I should have them done by.
I made a list of pending homework, and I prioritized it.

Holy Crow, I am so organized. Now I just need to do it all. I've got to figure out a way to study more - because I'm just NOT. I absolutely LOVE my class in A2. It is great - and completely right up my alley. However, the class in Dearborn (geochem) is kicking my butt. Does anyone know a geochem tutor? I'm not joking. Honestly though - I need to be so much more diligent about studying. It seems that there is always something else to do, instead of study. I would rather clean the house...fold whites...work in the garden....play with Joseph...sleep...watch useless TV...etc. than study.

Aside from being a goofy 6-year old...Joseph is doing fantastic. He is everything I could ever ask for in a little boy. I wish he would read a little more though. He and I have started reading at night again. It's tough to do though...because he stalls, and wants to watch TV with us...and then things just don't ever work out. We don't really have a good schedule in the evenings - because every evening is different right now. Oh well - we'll figure it out. I have tons of pictures of him that I need to put up on here so you all can see him...he is certainly growing up fast. I can't believe it.

Otherwise - I wanted to tell you all that I'm alive. and I'm OK. like I told you, I'm a phoenix...and I plan on kicking butt and taking names. I won't lie down and take crap from anyone...so...I'll be looking forward to a new opportunity - wherever and whenever that opportunity presents itself. Now, keep in mind - I'm going after that opportunity - I ain't waiting around.


Harvest Moon

Mood: hopeful
Music: NYC-Gone, Gone (Conor Oberst)

Did anyone see the Harvest Moon last night? All I can say is Wow. Holy Wow. I was driving home from class on M-14, and the moon was RIGHT THERE. I mean, as in...it was sitting ON the road - and it was HUGE!!!

It made me feel very small and insignificant. It made me realize that my life is such a small part of the universe, and I should remember that more often. Me? In the whole scheme of life? Not even a blip on the radar. Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. What I'm saying is this:

What happens in my life won't change the world. It won't change the nation. It won't change the State. Maybe it will change the region - it might change the community - and hopefully it changes my circle of influence. But really...think about it.

In other news - I have my chemistry class tonight. yeah. joy. Do you sense the excitement? I am just praying for a passing grade in this class - it's the last leg in my journey - and I NEED to pass. ugh.


I. Am. A. Phoenix.

mood: opportunistic
music: Firebird Suite, Stravinsky
I received some bad news yesterday.  I'm not going to delve into it on here though.  I've told a handful of people, and there are still more that I need to tell.  If you are really itching to know, either I'll call you, or email me and I can respond.  Things will be OK though.  I'm fine.  The Joes are fine.  Dax is fine.  Our lives will be changed a bit - but that's OK.  I cried yesterday, but I realized that crying doesn't do anything. 
So - I decided to rise.
And I am.  I'm not looking back - I'm looking forward.  I'm not going to let the negative talk and the negative people get me down.  This is my life, and I'm not going to turn away. 
And I'm even wearing my 4-inch heels to work, just to show that even in this crappy time...I can still pull of the attitude.  Gotta love shoes. 


A Night Out...

A few months ago, I won a night at the Dearborn Hyatt at a silent auction for Friends of the Rouge. So...I decided to use it, and surprise Joe with a romantic night out. We dropped off the boy at Grandma's...then proceeded to the hotel for dinner and a nice quiet night without a 6-year old trying to sneak in our bed!!

It was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Sisters...and Red Wine.

Sometimes, you just have to have a girls night...and sometimes, that girls night should include Red Wine.

So, when you are trying on dresses for an upcoming event...include red wine. It makes EVERYTHING so much more fun!!

This is my sister, Karen - and me...in the dresses we are wearing to our 15-year class reunion. Just add the 4-inch heels on both of us...:)

Making a Twilight Cake...

So, my friend Sarah had a Twilight party a few weeks ago. Here are a few pics...

My first attempt...after dropping the stupid cake as I was pulling it out of the oven...yeah. fantastic.

Here are the stages of me putting the fondant on the cake...
The almost finished version...

Closeup of the bottom layers....
And the finished product....

For those interested, I was recreating "Bella's Cake" from the New Moon movie...google it.

First Grade...

Yes, I know that this is 3 or 4 weeks late - but hey, I told you that I was busy, right? Here he is...the first grader.

My boys....:)

Standing in the line, waiting for the first grade march to the classroom...
Can you see him? He didn't turn around or anything...going off on his own didn't even faze him...



I did it.

I applied for Graduation from U of M for this Fall.


It’s a little surreal for me.  I’ll keep you updated though…it’s been an interesting ride to finish this degree – and I owe MAJOR baked goods to one of the staff people in the School of Natural Resources.  She has held my hand and made sure that all my t’s are crossed and I’s dotted.  I hope everything falls into place.  This can happen.