Random Info - 3 Quirks

So, in an effort to share way too much information with you, I will be listing my top three "quirks" that drive me crazy, and they must be just so. I am by no means OCD, however, I have some OCD tendencies. (If you looked at my house, you would know that OCD ain't a problem...)

3. Water on my face. No. Not a good thing. When I shower, I lean back at a crazy ridiculous angle to wash my hair, but I NEVER EVER let the water touch my face. When washing my face, I must splash the water on with my hands. It probably is related to why I hate putting my face in the water when I swim.

2. Coffee cups. I don't have any matching coffee cups, and I NEVER EVER want matching coffee cups. I have many coffee cups, and they all tell stories, and make me think of either the person who gave it to me, or a special occasion. Silly, yes...but true. When I choose a coffee cup to use in the morning, it essentially defines me for the rest of the day.

1. Little spoons. When I eat soup, cereal, something that needs a spoon, I MUST use the small one. The smallest possible. I hate those "cereal" spoons, and the "soup" spoons you get at a restaurant. Too Big!! I don't need a construction shovel for goodness sake!!

OK - there. you know more useless random information about me.


Starting Anew

Yup. Today I start my new job. At a place that I have admired for many years. I. Am. Happy.

Mind you, I won't be in the office today, they asked me to attend a workshop...so, I'm headed there instead. But, nonetheless...I. Am. Happy. !!!!!!!

Things are good. I am busy. LTU is kicking my butt. Teaching is hard. No matter what anyone says. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. Ugh.

Little Joe is good too. He finds out which baseball team "drafted" him next week. Yeah! Little League starts!!! I love watching him play baseball!

I started seeds last week, and yesterday. Tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, summer squash, zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers. Whoot! pics to follow. You know me.

Short update - nothing exciting. Life is good.


Breakfast from Heaven.

I made myself the most AMAZING breakfast today. I have to share...

Those of you who know me...know my passion for smoked salmon. (i.e. Gravlax or Lox). Not the dried out stuff...(though that does have it's uses). I LOVE the cured, raw-looking buttery melt in your mouth, salmon. I have yet to make it in my smoker...because I'm scared I'll ruin it. It is perfection...when done properly.
We have some AWESOME neighbors behind us that we share our garden bounty with during the summer. The husband is a foodie. Major foodie. He also has a smoker - and he has been smoking for much longer than me...and he can throw DOWN some awesome food. Including lox. LOX!!!! He makes his own LOX!!!

I stopped by their house on Sunday to drop off some things, and he hands me a package. I look in my hands...and I want to hug him. Fresh. Homemade. Smoked. Tender. Moist. Lox.

Hence....Breakfast today:

Oeufs en Cocotte with Lox:
1 Egg
1 Tablespoon Parmesan, Grated
1 oz. cream cheese, cubed
1 oz. Lox, Chopped Fine
½ Teaspoon Butter
handful chopped red onion
dollop of sour cream

Butter a small 4-oz ramekin.
Crack the egg into the buttered ramekin. Take care not to break the yolk.
Add the lox to the dish. Add the cream cheese to the dish.
Sprinkle the cheese, salt and pepper to the egg.
Bake in a water bath at 350 ยบ F until egg white is set, but the yolk is still runny or done to your liking. Baking takes approximately 12 – 15 minutes. Sprinkle red onion and sour cream on the top and enjoy!!

funk and feeling alive

It's been a while. Sorry. Just getting some things done. Life, and all. You know how it goes.

I've been in a funk lately. For no good reason though. I'm happy with my life. I love my family. I'm alive. I have a roof over my head. I have food in the pantry. These basins of life should be all I need. Yet, I'm just in a funk. I'm imagining that it probably has a lot to do with the whole job thing. Yes, I still an officially unemployed. Mind you, I'm still teaching at LTU, and really enjoying that. But, I'm not integrated into campus life. I don't have an office on campus, I'm only an adjunct faculty member.

I visited a 1st year architecture studio class last week. One of the profs I'm working with asked me to help him jury his student's projects. I jumped at the chance. (A jury is a peer-based review of your posted/submitted work. All projects are hung up, and discussed. Sometimes called a "Crit" or a critique.) So, I show up in his class, talk with some of the students, and I feel...alive.


The creativity flowing out of that classroom was amazing. I wanted to badly to be a part of that. The studio. The creativity. Holy Crow - I am in heaven. I spent about 2 hours there, listening, giving feedback, and really enjoying myself.

We'll see.

Other than that - things are going OK. I'm starting to get my rear end to the gym on a somewhat regular basis, thanks to my workout buddy! I will DO this triathlon. Period. I may suck at it - but I will DO it!! I've planted some seeds. Planning out the garden. Getting ready for Little League and (maybe) Football. (Little Joe wants to play football, and I found a youth league here in Redford!!!)

I'm enjoying some of the smaller things in life...and I love it.