Holiday Preparations

Wow. I always pride myself on being prepared for the Holidays. Gifts are usually purchased throughout the year, and they are wrapped during hunting season. The decorations are up right after Thanksgiving, and the Holiday letter is done by Dec 15th. Well...at least I reached one of those goals. However - the gifts aren't wrapped (I still was purchasing things this morning!) and the Holiday letter isn't done. It will be a HOLIDAY letter, being delivered after Xmas. Get over it. I'm busy - and I can't do everything.

That has been a lesson for me this year: I Can't Do Everything. It needs to be my mantra while I run. It needs to be written on the bathroom mirror so I see it every day, just to remind myself this little life lesson.

Speaking of running: I won't be running much in 2011. I have to have hip surgery. Again. The same PAO surgery that I SHOULD HAVE had a few years ago, but I CHICKENED OUT...and the problem wasn't fixed...thus...surgery. April 5th. Unless I reschedule it. I might. Life has a tricky habit of getting in the way, and the date might not work for me.

Have you thought about your 2011 resolutions yet? I have. I have one per month, then some overall ones. No - I'm not sharing until January 1.

Not much else is going on...I am working throughout the week between the Holidays...at least the office will be quiet. I am pretty busy at work - I have some big things I want to get off of my desk in January - so I am busy with that.

More later -


yes. I am alive....

Sorry to not have posted in so long.  Life has gotten too busy for me to be me.  Seriously.  and I'm stressed out about alot of things - and I won't vent about them in public. 
Needless to say - the family is awesome.  Little Joe is amazing.  We have deer in the freezer.  We are getting excited about the holidays.  I throughly enjoyed teaching at LTU this semester...and it sounds like they MAY ask me back next Fall to teach this same class. (SWEET!) 
Our christmas tree is huge, and fully decorated. 
I am trying to find a Gluten-free recipe for lefse.
I am going to meet with the orthpaedic surgeon about my hip....again. 
I recently bottled a shiraz, but need to get some more bottles.  and I am planning on starting a Cab over the holidays.
Dax had surgery.  She looked like Franken-dog.  The vet cut a 12-inch incision.  :(  but she was a trooper.
I miss my mom.
Work is crazy.
more later...I promise.  I have tons of pics!!!