Tomato Thief

I could shoot the dog right now. After waiting for 6 weeks for the most perfect luscious Purple Cherokee heirloom tomato to ripen in my garden...I looked out the window this morning...AND SHE WAS IN THE GARDEN EATING IT! She. picked. it. off. of. the. plant. ARGH!!!


Now, I realize that in the whole scheme of world problems – this is minor.  Nonetheless…I can’t believe she had the gall to do this.  She usually just sticks to eating the cherry tomatoes off of the plant…this is going a step too far. 


FYI – my camera memory card isn’t talking to my computer anymore…so I can’t get photos off of the card.  I need to find the cord to make the transfer.  I think it is in the basement.  And I have a TON of photos…



odd dream

Is it strange that I dreamed I was taking my PE Exam for Civil Engineering…and when I opened the booklet, all the correct answers were written in pencil already? 


What the heck does that mean?  Is it odd that I am thinking about this?  Even subconsciously?  What the heck?  I’d much rather have dreams about flowers and forests and beaches. 



Hi there - blogging on a regular schedule is tough.

Things are hectic.  I’m trying to figure out life. 


Quick recap:

We went to Minnesota. (Joseph loves tubing…and loves his Minnesota Bubb girls.)

We went to Las Vegas (just big Joe and I. We didn’t win, but we got a free room!  And..I LOVE Brazilian steakhouses!!)

I got sunburned both in Vegas and MN. 

I ran my very first triathlon…and I am hooked.

I ran a 10K…and sucked.

We are planning my graduation party for this August.

I am working…two different places, and actually enjoying it.  Everything isn’t perfect…but it is close.

I have a ton of pics on my camera, but haven’t gotten them off yet.

My vegetable garden is abundantly producing already…YEAH!! 


More later…and pics soon..I promise!!