springtime in Michigan.

Greenfield Village. Today was our first trip to the village, and Little Joe is still sleeping on the couch, after pooping out from all of the fun! poor kid. We rode the train (of course), and then walked around to see how the village looks in the springtime. We visited one of the slave quarter houses that has a great renactment of the slave family house. There are chickens there, and they also grow grapes for wine. Last summer, Joseph got to feed the grapes to the chickens. Well...this morning, he wanted to make sure that the chickens were still there...and that the grapes were still available. I tried to explain to him about the winter, and that the grapes haven't started growing yet...We did meet the rooster "Bubba", and found out that the chickens DO, in fact, lay eggs. And the eggs are used throughout the restuarants in the village. Very cool. Very sustainable. I also got a great picture of Joseph in the schoolhouse, pretending to be the teacher! Look at that cheeseball!! He informed me that he wanted his kindergarten class to be in that classroom.

We also ran into a family of turtles sunning themselves on a log nea the covered wooden bridge. We counted 15 of them on the log, and two more swimming in the water. Joseph wanted to get as close as possible, until some stupid Canada Geese started hissing and honking at us. stupid birds.

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