Complete Waste of Time - Yet So Interesting...

OK - I love these little questionaire things...It helps you learn little tidbits about your friends and family...so - here are my answers!!

What do you add to your coffee? REAL half and half. None of that powdery crap.
What are you reading now? Deep Economy - Bill McKibben
Do you own a gun? yup. Gold Huntress - 20 gauge shotgun.
Are you registered to vote? Yes
Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Nah - unless I know there will be needles involved.
What do you think of hot dogs? summertime.
Favorite Christmas song? Hmmm...there are so many...O come All Ye Faithful - with full choir, organ and trumpets.
What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee.
Can you do push ups? Yup. - not the girly ones either.
Favorite hobby? Gardening. Running.
Do you work with people who idolize you? Holy cow - I hope they don't!
Do you have ADD? Nope.
What’s one trait that you hate about yourself? My ghetto-booty.
What’s your middle name? Elizabeth
Name three thoughts at this exact moment. I need to get the files together for the Ferry Drain Meeting. I need to call the County. I need to figure out latchkey for Joseph.
Name three things you bought yesterday. didn't go shopping yesterday.
Name three beverages you regularly drink. Water. Wine. Coffee. (not necessarily in order of importance...)
Current worry right now? Latchkey, Bills, Work.
What side do you dress to? huh? what the heck does that mean?
Favorite place to be? Traverse City
How did you bring in the New Year? At home.
Where would you like to go? Ireland
Name three people who will complete this. ????
Whose answers do you want to read the most? Everyone's!
What color shirt are you wearing? purplish-burgandyish.
Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? Nope. Don’t like to slide when I sleep.
Can you whistle? yes.
Favorite color? Blue or Green
Could you be a pirate? Uh...i don't think so.
What songs do you sing in the shower? Seriously? whatever I just heard. (Often it's the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song!)
Favorite girls name? Elizabeth Rae or Miranda Elizabeth
Favorite boy’s name? Joseph John
What’s in your pocket right now? Nothing
Last thing that made you laugh? A comment from a co-worker about a project.
Best bed sheets as a child? white with these tiny little flowers and vines.
Worst injury you’ve ever had? Um...hip dysplasia?
Do you love where you live? I like my house, the community is OK - but it isn't where I want to raise my son.
How many TVs do you have in your house? Three.
Who is your loudest friend? Tracy
How many dogs do you have? One.
What are the most fun things you ever did? ??? I try to have fun all the time....this is a hard question!!
What are your favorite books? "Farenheit 451"; "Red Pony"; "Under the Tuscan Sun";
What is your favorite candy? Hmmm...if I was splurging...probably a Butterfinger
Favorite team? Detroit Tigers
What songs do you want played at your funeral? No funeral for me, thanks. Play happy music at the party!
What were you doing at 12 am? Sleeping.
What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? Damn - that smells like a skunk outside the bedroom window...Oh Crap. It IS a skunk outside the bedroom window!

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The Bonfiglio Family said...

I love Fahrenheit 451 too. That's a great book!!