My headache...

So - Thursday night, I pulled in the driveway, and couldn't figure out where this HISSING noise was coming from. Until Joseph pointed out the HUGE DECKING SCREW in my Right Rear tire. So, I attempted to put the spare tire on. And I couldn't get the lugnuts off. So, I stood there, in my driveway, crying. Yes - I lost it. Joe wasn't going to be home until later that night, and I couldn't change the tire myself.

So, I left everything there, and went inside and felt sorry for myself. Stupid hormones.
When Joe got home, he put the spare on for me, and saved the day. On Friday morning, I went to Kimberly Tire in Clawson (GREAT PLACE!!!) and had the hole repaired. Seriously though - highly suggested place to take your car for all of it's tire needs. Very nice people. They even have an office dog who is very friendly. They are on Rochester Road, just north of 14 mile.

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