You can tell he's a Scramstad!

Ever wonder why some people are just more accident-prone than others? yeah...I have the answer to that. It's called "Being a Scramstad". No - seriously. Scramstad's are more clumsy than normal people. We spill things (espcially red wine), we trip more often, we drop things, we hurt ourselves without even knowing it. And - as evidenced by the photos below...Joseph definitely has Scramstad blood!

How did this happen, you ask? At preschool, he fell out of a wagon...and didn't think to put his hands out to stop his fall...he figured that his forehead would stop him - and it did - when his forehead met the concrete sidewalk. Ugh!!!

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katie said...

I love it! Of my 3 kids...the middle one is the only one that hasn't fallen and damaged/lost any teeth! good thing they are only baby teeth. We are Scramstad through and through.
Luv ya cuz~