Another funky mood day. I'm still very overwhelmed at work - there are some major construction projects that are in various stages - starting fro design, logisitics, all the way to fully under construction. This is driving me batty - there is so much going on, then the other part of my job - the desk administration stuff, the permitting, the files, the inhouse stuff is also out of control. too much to do, and not enough time. My poor to-do list has really become too long. It's like a to-do storybook.

This is what I feel like:

Yes - I'm really liking this video stuff too - if you can't see the videos, please let me know. This is new to me.

On the homefront - I'm just trying to get ready for our trip next weekend to MN. We'll be driving, camping, visiting family, and NOT WORKING!! Well, sort of. I know we both will be chaecking email, and doing some work. Because that is who we are. Work-a-holics. Sigh.

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