Cakes for a Cause 2008

Our office has a cake decorating competition every year. The winner gets to choose a charity, then all the cakes are auctioned off for charity. So, I entered this year.

The base of the cake. White cake, cherry frosting, strawberry filling, covered in fondant.

No - I don't get a kickback from Wilton's Cake-making supplies, but maybe I should, as much I used them.

The base of the cake. Fondant wasn't too hard...this part was easy.

My first attempt at decorating. It looked really bad, so I scraped everything off the cake, and started over from scratch with the base fondant.

and this is what the final product looked like...I called it "Dreaming of Pink Pillows". Was I happy with it? Uh...sure. Did it taste good? I'll have to ask the person who bought it at the auction.

How much $ did we raise? $117. For what charity? The Clinton River Watershed Council.

Whoo-hoo. Go me! (For the record, yes, I won, and I chose the charity.)

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