The Trip to Toledo - and the 95th Division

So - my camera died on the first day we were in Toledo - and I couldn't recharge the battery. so - I have one picture for you:

the boy who insisted that he wasn't tired, and didn't need a nap. We were heading down I-75, and hadn't even gotten to the 275/75 split - and he was OUT!

The rest of the weekend was amazing - we spent time with family, heard stories from WWII vets, went to a Mud Hens game, went to the Toledo Museum of Art (which was VERY cool!), and just had a wonderful time with family and new friends.

BTW - for a quick day trip from the Detroit area - the Museum has free admission.

Our trip to Toledo was for the the Army 95th Division Reunion - these are the Iron Men of Metz - the group of brave American soldiers that liberated Metz, France in Novemebr of 1944. And my grandpa is one of those men. The veterans that were there were so proud and so willing to share their stories. I was in awe several times.

All for now - going to download more pics from the camera.

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