Thief River Falls - Visiting Family

When we arrived in TRF, there was a PARTY going on...a Scramstad party! Whoo-hoo! People even came by plane to the party. So cool. There was a band and everything .

This is my cousin's son Wade...just adorable!!

We had a great time in TRF, and spent time with family. Man, I miss family. I don't really have any around here, so this trip was really important to me so I could reconnect with the Scramstads.

I got a great recipe for carmel rolls from my cousin. I'm quite excited to make that soon. So yummy! We did a little bit of shopping around town, nothing major, then hung out mostly. There was one night of Chinese food too. Yes, Norwegians in Northern Minnesota cooking Chinese Food. And you thought that the world was coming to an end or something. Actually - my family can majorly throw down some AWESOME chinese cooking. Seriously - it's like this family thing.

Little Joe had a great time running around with the cousins - the kids are all around the same age, and they had a blast on the farm, riding horses, playing in the dirt, riding on the pontoon boat, all the good stuff that cousins do.

I really hope that we get up there again soon.

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