Musical Tendencies

Many of you many not know this - but I play the French horn. And I love the French Horn. It brings tears to my eyes to hear someone play the horn with a full tone and strong presence. Like This. I simply cry. And you will too.

So, as I was attempting to play a little bit - Little Joe wanted to play the horn too. This would please me like no other. Seriously - my mom played the horn. I play the horn. If little Joe played the horn - I can see my mom looking down on him and smiling, and maybe even holding his hand a little bit. When she was in hospice I promised her that I would teach him how to play the french horn, and she smiled. even in her pain, she smiled. And then I cried. This is a promise I made to my mother. sigh.
The simplicity of the French horn. The beauty of the French Horn. So wonderful. So, just, So.

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