Oh....by the Way...

I chopped my hair off. 11 inches. I haven't had hair this short since I was 8, and my Dad put a bowl on my hair and cut around it. (Yes, he actually did that).

I donated the hair to Locks of Love. It was definitely an experience. I'm not sure if I like it or not. It is different. Very different. There are bangs. No ponytails - not enough hair. Comments I've heard include: "you look like a little girl" "you look younger" "I didn't know you were a lesbian" (HUH!?!) and "you look more sophisticated".

What do YOU think??


JensDad said...

Hey! Jennifer's dad here. I'm being accused of being from the Ozarks. I DID NOT put a bowl over her head for a haircut. I did think about it, but I never did that. Right Jen? I never did that, right Jen?

Don't answer that.

whatifer said...

Yes. You. Did.

Anonymous said...

I like it -want to see you with make-up on amd ;ooking like the beautiful young woman we know. Oh, by the way - how's your hip???? Do you think you're going to be ready for the Olympics in one day???
Grandpa is in AK - flew up this a.m. and will be there until Sat. He's probably told you why - has to do with his Honorary Colonel "job". GOV Palin's son is up there with the AK Nat'l Guard so, who knows, G-pa might get to see her!!! She's sure a powerful young woman - I like her. Darcy & Andy will be heading for IN soon - he's taken a job that is going to pay beaucoup bucks - exciting. BIG step up for them.
Since this is for everyone to read, I'll give you more info later. Go, Joseph - enjoy, learn, have fun. Jenny - the hair is great!!!


helena said...

"I didn't know you were a lesbian" ha...that's hillarious...if it were a few inches shorter that comment would have come from me. ; )