I'm not 18 anymore...

So, I decided to join a co-ed volleyball league that is offered here in Redford, through the local parks and rec department. It's good - because you don't have to have a "team" to join - (I don't actually know many people that play volleyball, and also live in Redford).

It started last night - and it is every Wednesday night for 12 weeks or so (skipping a few holidays here and there). I was so excited. I don't do too many extraneous activities, and I thought this one would be perfect. Joe doesn't have meetings on Wednesday nights (well, he does sometimes, but not every week).

It was Amazing. Seriously - I had so much fun!! The adrenaline was pumping and I felt GOOD! These people play to a high level, not just play on the beach at the picnic with a beer in your hand...but REALLY good. I was really enjoying myself. Until I looked at the clock, and it was only 8:30PM, I still had an hour to play, and I was starting to get winded and tired and I kept thinking of how bruised my arms were going to be in the morning.

Oh - did I also mention that I have started my "training" for the Turkey Trot (10K race in downtown Detroit on Thanksgiving Day). Which - if you don't know this - I'm not exactly in any sort of running form right now - So...I ran 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday at lunchtime at the gym too.

Fast forward to my out-of-shape 32 year old body - quads a bit tender from the treadmill - attempting to play volleyball with people who are really good. Now, I don't suck at volleyball - I have a great technique - A solid passer, server, libero player. I'm only 5-8, so the hitting at the net always eluded me...I can be aggressive, but just not in your face hitting.

I woke up this morning, barely able to walk. My gluteus maximus is SORE!!!!! My fingers are swollen, my forearms are bruised and sore to the touch, my quads are screaming, and my neck muscles hurt. Oddly enough though - my upper arms feel fine.

And I can't WAIT until next Wednesday!!!

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