What a GREAT night!!!

So, what were YOU doing at 1AM this morning? I was cleaning up puke.

When Big Joe is gone for the night, Little Joe sleeps in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I sleep in Daddy's spot, and he sleeps in my spot. This is also the occasion that Dax can sleep on the bed, because there is room for her. So - about 1AM, Joseph starts coughing. He is starting to have a little snotty drainage in the back of his throat. One thing about this kid - he has the WORST gag reflex. So, needless to say - he sat up in bed, and proceeded to puke. mostly spit and phlegm, but EW!!!!! So, being the awesome mom that I am....it took me a total of 3 seconds to get him out of the bed, face him towards the bathroom and give him a shove in the right direction, get the dog off of the bed, rip the sheets off, and grab a towel if there was anything I missed. sigh. Not the way that I (or the dog) wanted to be woken up in the middle of the night. The funny part is...when Little Joe got into the bathroom, he was still half asleep, so he thought he was in the bathroom to pee. So, he dropped his drawers and started to pee in the toilet, except his body was still in puke-mode. So, the poor thing is puking and peeing all at once. I did my best to console him...while fending off the dog, because now she thinks it is time to go outside and pee. (Obviously - she can't tell time). We ended up sleeping on the couch, as I was in no state of mind to put new sheets on the bed. I grabbed the comforter (which was clean still), and a fleece blanket, and we both snuggled into the couch.

In my earlier years, I had a lot of stomach problems, and I mean a lot of stomach problems. My mom kept a bottle of "chalk pills", as she called them, next to the sink in the bathroom. And she also kept a box of saltine crackers underneath the bathroom cabinet. This started when I was in Junior high, and went through most of HS. Then it went away. The doctors thought it was stress, and I was developing an ulcer (at 15!??!?!) Anyways - I equate the sick stomach with saltine crackers. They always make me feel better. Even now, if I don't feel good, I'll put a saltine cracker in my mouth and just let it dissolve.

So - right after Joseph's episode last night, he asked me if he could have some square crackers (saltines) while we laid on the couch. I gave him the sleeve of saltines...and he proceeded to eat 1/2 of the sleeve before he finally fell back asleep. I think my mom was watching this, chuckling the whole time.

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The Bonfiglio Family said...

I love the saltine cracker story ... I'm sure your mom was watching. Isn't it interesting that we start to become our mothers. Wow.