You were expecting to see Halloween pictures, weren’t you?

Well, Halloween didn’t happen in the Lawson household. You see, someone (about 5 ½ years old) got in trouble at school on Friday. He SMEARED SHAVING CREAM ALL OVER ANOTHER KID!!!!! (You ask, how did he have his hands on shaving cream? They were doing a writing exercise with tactile senses). Whatever. Joseph was told by the teachers numerous times to keep his hands to himself. So, when they were cleaning up, he felt that the rule didn’t apply anymore…so, he got in trouble. Sigh.

Not only did we NOT go to Grandma’s for trick-or-treating, the costume also went into the garbage, and we sat in the basement. Yes, the basement. You see, because we had intended on going to Grandma’s house, I didn’t have any candy to pass out. So, we turned off all of the lights, brought the dog downstairs so she wouldn’t bark, and sat in the basement, with just the light from the TV. Was I mad? No. I was FURIOUS!!! And to be quite honest, Little Joe doesn’t like candy, so this didn’t really affect him at all. I think that not going to Grandma’s was more of an issue for him.

AND, I have no candy for me to snack on. Which is probably a good thing…but c’mon!!!

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