Wow. What a way to keep your memories...

This is gorgeous. And emotional. And a piece of art. and a keepsake.

Why didn't I do this? (probably because I'm still working on a quilt I started 6 years ago...and have yet to finish...but I am CLOSE!!)

And the fact that the clothes are mostly being put to use by many others. Some of whom are friends that I hold dear, and some of whom are strangers, but they needed a little bit of help. I did save a few things. Maybe I will do something with those old clothes. I don't need a ton. I could do coordinating fabrics. Hmm..I think I found my next hobby.

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The Bonfiglio Family said...

That is so cool ... I think I'm going to try to do that with the kids old clothes. I don't have a sewing machine though.