Yes, we are crazy!! But, it's for my mom. :)

This is my best friend and I, standing in front of Kohl's at 3AM on Black Friday. I arrived around 2, to get our place in line. You see the doors behind us? We were no. 6&7 in line. Oh yeah. You know you're jealous!!!
I got a GREAT set of flatware at Kohl's for over 75% savings. Then we went to JCPenney's and got some curtains and curtain rods - again...GREAT deals! 55% off!! Then we went to ToysRUs. That place was crazy...but Barb and I had a system...she waited in line, while I searched for the specials, and got the toys that Santa would be bringing to Little Joe. I made out like a BANDIT!!!! Then, last stop...we went to Michael's and I got 2 frames that I've been wanting to get for a few months now, but never got around to it. They had frames 50%, and I had an ADDITIONAL 25% coupon on the whole order. I also got a wreath for our front door...very festive!!

We were done shopping by 7:15 AM, then we went to Barb's sister's house, then picked her up and went out for breakfast. GREAT day!

My mom and I used to do the Black Friday thing, so I always get a little sentimental on this day. It's kind of my thing. I think about all of the good thoughts, and the crazy days my mom and I had while standing in line, freezing our asses off. (remember, it's Michigan, in late November. it's like 20 degrees or colder at 3AM). But, above all, I feel like my mom is with me there, standing in line, singing some silly christmas song, wearing her fuzzy Santa hat (which I FORGOT this year!!) This is my day to remember her. And I'm thankful for my best friend Barb, who has stood by me for the past 3 years, supporting my habit, and remembering my mom with me.

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