14 green lights...

We told Joseph that if he got 15 consecutive green lights in school, we would take him to the train store, and he could pick out one train car. Yes, he had to work VERY hard to accomplish this, but...he did. sort of.

He was on number 14 on Thursday, and the 15th would have been Friday. So, when I picked him up from latchkey, his folder had a yellow light. I was crushed. He was crushed. But, I wanted to know why he got it...so, I asked him. and he said that he had been first in line, and another kid wanted to be first, so he pushed Joseph out of the way. And, Joseph STOOD UP FOR HIMSELF!! and fought back for the first place in line. I cannot punish my child for standing up for himself.

So - off we went to the East side of Detroit. We were going to go to the Lionel factory for a tour...out in Chesterfield Township. However, just to let you know - that factory is closed. We drove out to 23 Mile Road and I-94...ARGH!! So, the next best place was in St. Clair Shores - on Harper at 8 1/2 Mile - this great Toy store called The Whistle Stop. VERY COOL!!!!

So - we let him choose what train he wanted...and he picked the Area 51 Alien Train Car (?????) Complete with the rotating spotlight to look for UFOs.

But - he is one happy kid. :) And we sure do love him!!!

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