And here it comes...more white stuff.

They are saying 3-7 inches of snow. I was skeptical, but this is what our backyard looks like now...and the weather radar is solid green. Yup. we're gettin' snow. more of this white sh!t. ugh. I am so sick of winter. I'm sick of warming my car up. I'm sick of having to bundle up just to go outside to the car. I'm sick of being cold ALL OF THE TIME!! don't get me wrong...I LOVE Michigan, I just hate being cold. I do, however, love skiing. Go figure. I haven't been skiing in YEARS though. I really want to teach Joseph how to ski - so he and I can go when he gets older. Big Joe doesn't like skiing, but I'm hoping that he'll try snowboarding again...I have to find my skiis. I have no clue where they are...I have a feeling that they are in Southgate.


YpsiBob said...

Weather stats @ DTW weather station (Per Weather Underground):

2008-09 Snowfall YTD - 53.2"
Average Snowfall YTD - 32.9"

Heating Degree Days since 7/1/08 - 4,582
Heating Degree Days average - 4,457

Translation - a touch colder than normal but a bunch more snow.

That being said, I've felt the cold more this season than in prior years. I just chalked it up to age ...

David in NM said...

Sorry to gloat but it's 65 and sunny in Las Cruces :)