Things on my mind...

1. Obama bill - how will this affect me? Will my office even get to see a CENT of the money? I'm a true pessimist when it comes to this matter.

2. an indoor triathlon - I'm doing it. (I have to keep telling myself that, and maybe I'll believe it eventually). I went swimming at the gym this afternoon and nearly drowned. If anyone has tips on how to coordinate breathing and swimming, I'd love to hear them.

3. growth and change - in a "how do I grow as a person" way? I'm not a bad person, but I want to improve some aspects of my life. So, how do I go about that?

4. My to-do list. Out of Control. But...if I DON'T have a list, then I wander aimlessly around the office, making an occasional stop by the candy jar. Ask the guys I work with. I'm a list freak. Ask my husband - I have lists of lists. I know this about myself though. I need the self-prodding a gentle reminders of direction.

5. birth certificates.

6. my thesis. ugh. stupid lit review. being a mom and being intellectual are two VERY different things, and my brain only processes things a certain way. And tonight, I'm in Mom brain mode. I can get things done that require thought, but not detailed scientific thought. How do I turn my Mom brain off? does it EVER turn off?

7. the violin - I need to figure out how to get Little Joe a violin, and get him lessons, and how much they will cost, and all that jazz. (no musical pun intended). He has been asking for this for a while - this will be this year's big present.

8. Joe's birthday party - what to do for a 6-year old that is AFFORDABLE!??! ugh. suggestions?

9. How can I squeeze more hours out of the day?

10. How do I stop feelig guilty for all of the things that I haven't finished yet? I say yet- because I truly do want to finish what I start - but sometimes, life gets in the way. Priorities change. Life happens. So there.

11. skydiving - I want to do this in the Spring. but, I need to make some phone calls and pricing and reservations.


Shayne said...

skydiving is a few hundred dollars but well worth it.

David in NM said...

When you find the answers to #9 and #10 let me know. I have struggled with those for 40 years.

dhammis said...

#5 - vitalchek.com can get you your official certs in a couple of days. I just had to do this in order to get passports. Couldn't be easier.

#6 - Mom/Dad brain never shuts down.

#7 - Craigslist

hcamel24 said...

I know the feeling of lists upon lists upon lists just to keep other lists organized. Keeps you sane but at the same time, drives you crazy. Good luck with it all! I wish I had ideas to share on the bday party front.