Easter Morning Egg hunt (Of sorts)

So, Little Joe got into some trouble on Saturday afternoon. and he knew it. So...we woke up on Sunday morning, and found a pile of plastic eggs at the foot of our bed. It seems that Little Joe woke up early, found some eggs in the living room, and felt that because he had gotten in trouble, he shouldn't have these eggs. So, he collected them, and placed them in our bed, then went back into his room.


So, when we woke up, I had some convincing to do that the Easter Bunny loved him very much, and Mommy and Daddy love him very much...you get the idea. Once he realized that it was OK to have found the eggs, he was off hunting again.

The Easter bunny didn't hide any candy though. He (she?) knows that Joseph doesn't like candy, so there was none included. (Plus the fact that the Easter Bunny's buyer couldn't find any of those luscious Reese Peanut Butter Eggs.) but - there was a BIG SCORE with the Bug Marbles.

Also hidden by the Easter bunny: a kite, a truck and a sticker book. The eggs were full of Money! Joseph liked that!! Dad didn't like unwrapping the truck out of the packaging!!

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hcamel24 said...

What a sweetheart :) Cute story! Love the bug marbles too!!