First T-ball Game

Let me start by saying I have never laughed harder, or loved my son more. This was simply funny.

Picture 1: The T-ball star - smiling from the dugout.

Picture 2: Listening to the OTHER TEAM'S COACH about what to do.

Picture 3: digging his heels into the dirt, not paying a lick of attention to the game. Picture 4: Dad coaching him on what first basemen should actually do.

Picture 5: Joseph, telling the coach how things are supposed to go. (He's behind the coach)
Picture 6: Joseph in the ready position, waiting for the batter.

Picture 7: the coach is showing Joseph what to do. (like he DOESN'T KNOW!!!) Notice he is batting left-handed here. He catches right and bats left. Whoo-hoo!!Picture 7: Running to first base after hitting a single.

I cannot wait for the many years of watching this little boy play ball. :)

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hcamel24 said...

I LOVE little kids and t-ball. I hope Emily will play too. Those pictures are great :)