Losing History

I know about sprawl.
I know about redevelopment.
I know about urban blight.
I know about structural integrity of old buildings.
But C'MON!!

This saddens me. I get it, but I just wish there was another answer. How can someone just disregard history?


-D. said...

My parents both worked there back in the day. My mom was working when the Tigers won the World Series in 68, she said they all threw confetti out of the windows. So sad the city is unable to restore and claim it's history.

Nina Misuraca Ignaczak said...

It is all a ploy by Detroit City Council to put pressure on Maroun to get out of the way of a new bridge crossing.

YpsiBob said...

Given the long-term decline of Detroit, the apparent inability of past administrations to recognize the risks involved in basing the regional economy so heavilly on one industry, the disfunctional nature of the current city administration and a seeming antipathy toward any form of compromise or collaboration (e.g., Cobo Center), I'm not surprised that it's come to this.

The contrast is never so stark as last Sunday when I went with bro-in-law and nephew to Easter dinner with his family in Grand Rapids. The economic downturn is affecting that area too but you'd have to look hard at the surrounding area to tell; the houses, properites, and even public areas like roads look clean and well-kept. There is a palpable sense of pride that is missing in SE Michigan (even as far as my neck of the woods).