The Toledo Zoo

Last Friday, I took the day off of work, (Joseph was out of school anyways), and I surprised him by driving down to the Toledo Zoo for the day.

This zoo kicks butt. Serious butt. It's cheaper than Detroit, and you could actually see all of the animals...
Including the Rianforest exhibit, which had SO many cool frogs and toads.
Joseph LOVED the hippos. (Why!!?!?!?)

And they had Bald Eagles there...(did you know that Bald Eagles actually are owned by the Department of Interior, and are "on loan" to zoos. AND...only injured Bald Eagles can be kept in captivity??!)

And the giraffes were out...they looked hilarious running.

This was Joe....after he wasn't able to sit in the VERY FRONT car on the train. Sheesh. Life is so tough!
So - for all you rockstar moms that are looking for a great and CHEAP daytrip...do the Toledo Zoo. We loved it!


The Bonfiglio Family said...

What a great thing for the two of you to do together. You look great in that last picture.

hcamel24 said...

I LOVE that last picture. You two are so cute. What great fun you always have!!