Birthday Surprises

We started out the 6-year-old’s day with decorating his room, so when he woke up, there would be streamers everywhere. I did this last year with a paper chain, and he loved it. So….this year, he actually asked me to this, because he liked it so much last year.

And THIS...is what a sleeping 6-year old looks like. I was thinking of waking him up at 5:56 AM, as that was his "birthtime"...but he was so peaceful, and he had school that day, and would have been a CRAB if I had woken him up.

But, he did wake up eventually, in a FANTASTIC birthday mood, and he was allowed to open some of the gifts that family and friends sent to him…He thought that was great!
It's hard for me to fathom that my son is 6. SIX. Holy Cow. Six. Remember when you were six? what happened when you were six? Do you remember when you were six? My life was a pretty tumultuous year when I was 6. I can't imagine Little Joe as a big kid...dealing with life issues. He's still my baby! Albeit, he's my EXTREMELY INDEPENDENT baby...but nonetheless...sigh.

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