Thomas the Tank Engine and Joe's first Date

On the Saturday after his birthday, Joe got to take his girlfriend, Kasey, to Greenfield Village, so they could meet Thomas the Tank Engine, and hang out for the day. We were joined by Kasey’s mom too. The kids had an absolute blast, and we all had so much fun. Check out these pics:

Me and Karen, (Kasey's Mom), trying to not get dizzy on the carousel. Little Joe STILL will NOT go on the Carousel. He has never ever wanted to go near it with a ten-foot pole!

Joe - checking out the Thomas made of Legos.

The two love-birds...in front of Thomas.
Isn't this just the sweetest picture EVER?? They were so sweet all day - holding hands, walking next to each other. Little Joe kept showing her some of his favorite things in the Village.

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hcamel24 said...

Oh Jen, this is so sweet. The pictures are gorgeous and the subjects are precious. How cute! This post just made my day :)