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This has been a little bit of a rollercoaster last few days for me. I’ll make a list, because I do better with lists:
1. Certified Stormwater Manager Exam – from the APWA website:

The purpose of the Stormwater Manager Certification is to promote excellence and commitment to public service by advancing the knowledge and practice of stormwater management to benefit the community, public agencies and the profession.
The Certified Stormwater Manager is intended for experts in the public and private sectors who coordinate and implement stormwater management programs for city, county, state, provincial, and federal agencies. These individuals assist in administering drainage, flood control, and water quality programs.

I took my exam on Saturday morning, down in Columbus. Holy Crow it was hard. My brain hurt after taking the test…but the worst part is…I finished before everyone else, and I HATE that. It makes me think that I missed half of the test, or I forgot to answer some of the questions. I don’t get the results for another 6 weeks. I think I passed – I hope I did. And if I did…I will be SO HAPPY! I’ll even get to put letters after my name: Jennifer Lawson, CSM oh yeah.

2. Grad School.
I think (if UM approves my petition)…I will be graduating in December. I have to take 2 classes this Fall (Environmental Geochemistry and Ecological Design) and then I’ll be done. DONE DONE DONE!!!! I started crying when my advisor told me this was possible. Crying. On the phone with Joan Nassauer, my graduate advisor whom I am afraid of. She seriously is like a bulldog. A very smart, well-spoken, landscape architecture ICON bulldog. So help me, I am going to finally walk in commencement and be DONE!! After 10 years, having a kid, losing a parent, having a career, changing jobs, having a life…I will finish Graduate School. Do you hear angels singing and celebrating? I sure do. .

3. Class reunion
Ugh. It is in a few weeks, and I’m frustrated. I wish there were more people attending. We haven’t had the greatest of ticket sales. How do you get people to want to come to the reunion? Any hints? I do have a cute dress though.

4. Celiac Issues
Warning. Wendy’s French fries have gluten in them. They dust their fries with flour, and they also use the same fryer for the breaded chicken/etc. duh. I should have known this. but – they tasted so good, and I was hungry – we were on the road, and they were quick, not messy. So, I spent Saturday night not feeling so hot…duh. Lesson learned.

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