Worn out...

Positive#1: I was able to determine my final project scope for one of my grad classes, and I have a clear direction on what needs to be done.

Positive#2: Little Joe called my Dad and Grandpa to say thank you for their service in the Navy and Army, respectively. My heart swelled with pride and joy. He came up with the idea on his own.

Negative#1: I wasn't very motivated at work, and didn't finish what I should have accomplished.

Negative#2: I didn't do my chemistry homework, and I think I have a short abstract due tonight.

In other news - Little Joe FINALLY lost his front tooth! This is the same one that was knocked loose during a wrestling match with a friend...last night, he and Dad were wrestling, and it came out! Dad even texted me a picture of his toothless grin while I was in class...(I got all teary-eyed!!!) the tooth fairy didn't visit last night, though because he forgot to put it under his pillow...:)

I realized something last night during my drive home...I'm getting to a point of physical exhaustion. I can tell that my temper has a very short fuse, I'm easily irritated by the smallest things, I'm tired all the time, I don't have the energy during the day to concentrate on things. This happens when I try to do too much. And top the hectic to-do list with the stress at work right now...it ain't pretty. This semester is turning out how I expected it, with a big old cherry on the top. I just have 5 more weeks of craziness....maybe 4.

Nonetheless...I'm asking for some patience. I'm asking for some understanding. If I snap at you, if I don't call you back...you know why. If I look exhausted - you know why.

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