How much can I get done today?

To be done today:
Get Joseph to school on time
break down bed in basement and store
Jillian Michaels (work out)
clean kitchen
send card and pic to Aunt Pat
work on lectures
post lecture
work through labs
email Janus
review presentation for Storm water lecture
mock cake for Mary
wash floor in basement
oh yeah - shower. can't forget that one.

It intrigues me why I am so obsessed with lists. I mean, they float around in my head, and make my decisions for me. I think that there is some small part of me that likes thing JUST SO. Orderly, not chaotic. But if you look at my house, it sure the heck isn't orderly. It is lived in...not messy, just lived in.

I'm having some problems with insomnia. Yeah...not sleeping so well. It's like my mind just won't shut off. Stress, job, life, money, bills, house, Joseph, future, gardening, music, Dax, my car, running, exercising, yoga, the basement...it's like one big party in my head, only I wasn't invited, so I watch from the sidelines. The party is loud, crazy, energetic, and always wants to watch whatever stupid movie is on at 1AM. I've seen the end of Twilight for the past 3 nights. Not the beginning mind you, just the end. (which isn't all bad...) Regardless...I need some sleep. I've all but cut out coffee after noon. I drink tea. I tried warm milk last night...which ALMOST got me sleepy, then by the time I put my head on the pillow, I was wide awake again. ugh.

sigh. enough whining. back to reality.

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