Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Tell people about the GOOD you see in them. You have nothing to lose by informing people of their good points.
Wow. this was rather profound this morning when I read it on the back of some cheesy "self-help" magazine while at the car dealership, waiting patiently for my 2-hour long oil change. But, I digress.

But this quote got me. It got me good. I mean, how obvious is this? But, aside from praising your kids latest coloring attempt...how often do you tell people how awesome they are? Seriously. Really. I can't tell you the last time I did. and I mean it. I probably complemented my husband about something...he looks darn good in jeans...but above that...I'm gonna have to give myself a ZERO.

So - goal for the day: complement a stranger. about something, anything. Cute purse, nice hair, thanks for being courteous...whatever. and a hand gesture doesn't count!!!

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Heather said...

Good one! I just told a coworker the other day that she's awesome and makes work worth coming in :) I'll have to do things like that more frequently though. Good karma or something like that.