Hi there - blogging on a regular schedule is tough.

Things are hectic.  I’m trying to figure out life. 


Quick recap:

We went to Minnesota. (Joseph loves tubing…and loves his Minnesota Bubb girls.)

We went to Las Vegas (just big Joe and I. We didn’t win, but we got a free room!  And..I LOVE Brazilian steakhouses!!)

I got sunburned both in Vegas and MN. 

I ran my very first triathlon…and I am hooked.

I ran a 10K…and sucked.

We are planning my graduation party for this August.

I am working…two different places, and actually enjoying it.  Everything isn’t perfect…but it is close.

I have a ton of pics on my camera, but haven’t gotten them off yet.

My vegetable garden is abundantly producing already…YEAH!! 


More later…and pics soon..I promise!!

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