Plants and Digging to the Inner Crust of the Earth

I think I overdid it. Like usual. I planted all 72 plugs with seeds...and every single one germinated. I think I will be giving away baby plants to friends, once they get big enough. You know - I do this every year...I should know better. But, better to be safe and have too many veggies than none!!

Joseph has decided that he wants to dig to the next layer in the Earth's crust. (Those were his words...not mine....Thank you Second Grade Science.)

He has made alot of progress...in the MIDDLE of my garden. He isn't very happy when I remind him that the holes will be filled in by April 15. He can stand in the hole, and is still working on it as we speak. The sanitary lead is under there somewhere - I'm hoping it is deep though.

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