Have you enjoyed the break from blogging? I haven't...I've just been busy with work and life. This Summer has started off so busy for us - which is good, I suppose. So - I'll just jump right in -

2 weeks ago, there was a snafu with childcare. I had called to reserve a spot for Joseph at the day camp at Lifetime. When I called the day before to confirm it, they politely told me that the day camp wouldn't be open until the following week. So - Joseph came to work with me. and he was VERY good - he was quiet, he read books, he played on his PSP, and he even came to a few meetings with me. The last meeting of the day was at Gallup Park, for Huron River Day. (If you aren't going - you should be.) Anyway - he was GREAT, and the woman who operates the canoe liveries (she was in the meeting with us, and has raised 2 boys) commented on how well Joseph behaved, and asked whether I would be doing something special for his good behavior. I said that I would probably stop for a chocolate shake on the way home - to which she replied "Not good enough!!" and then proceeded to offer us the opportunity to go kayaking on the Huron River. Right. Then. and. There.

Joseph hasn't stopped talking about it since then!!

However, it did give me a few moments to reflect on why I enjoy my career path...If you haven't been kayaking on the Huron, or kayaking on ANY river for that matter - Do. It. Now.

And check out Joseph's video:

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