We bought a camper. We take delivery tomorrow. It looks like this. Yes - I am in a little shock...I wasn't planning on buying one, I just wanted to go and look and see what I liked, and didn't like. but...we now have a camper. I'm a little excited, and a little apprehensive all at the same time.

School starts for the boy in a week. Wow. We will have a 3rd grader in a week. I remember my 3rd grade year very clearly. I had an awesome teacher, and I had awesome friends. I also got glasses that year. I loved math, and reading, of course. I loved horses (what little girl didn't?).

Work is good. crazy busy, but good. I also start teaching this week at LTU. I'm excited, but also kicking myself...I'm going to be so busy for the next 4 months. ARGH!!!

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