testing the waters...

My horoscope for the day:
This morning you're especially effective when the Moon trines Pluto. The beat goes on throughout the day, and you reap rewards for skill, precision, and attention to detail. Hearts are open tonight. People are smiling as they tend to do when the Sun and Moon beam at each other.
Very ironic...seeing that I am at home this AM, bringing the dog to the vet this morning because she is sick.  And then later in the afternoon - I have a BIG presentation meeting at work. And tonight...a little league baseball game.   Odd correlations...

I know I haven't been blogging...even though I said I would.  I'm blaming myself.  I can't really blame anything or anyone else.  This is all me.  I'm too flipping busy.  Pulled in a million directions, all that are high priority.  I'm not complaining...just explaining.

The highlights:
  • I had surgery.  It was tough. I'm still recovering. I had crutches, then a cane, and now I'm off of the cane...but walking very slowly.  Not running.  Not jumping.  Not swimming (even though the surgeon said I can start swimming).    
  • Joseph turned 9.  We got a limo.  He was a rock star!! 
  • Work is awesome!  Busy - but awesome!
  • The family is good...very good! 
  • We are planning camping trips for the summer.
  • The dog very cute - but is sick right now.  (boo...)
  • I am itching to garden...can't wait!!

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