Day three. I hate my kitchen.

What do I want to write about? Me? The boy? The family? Work? All of the above?

I often wonder who will read this.
My friends? They know the day-to-day stuff…they see us often enough..
My family? They’ll want to see pictures, and hear about the stuff we are doing, but do they really care about the small stuff?
Strangers? Who cares what they think. They don’t know me!

Oh well.

So, we are entering our kitchen into the KSI kitchen makeover contest. If we win, we get a brand new kitchen. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a new kitchen. Seriously…have you seen our kitchen? Here are some pictures…gotta love yellow! And here is the letter that we are submitting to KSI. Man, I really hope we win! Here are some pics...see...I told you so! It's so ugly!

The countertop is yellow. pale yellow, trimmed by BLACK tiles. Shiny black.

This is me in the kitchen. Frustrated. And you can see Dax begging for food. :)

This is where the fridge is supposed to go....

This is where the refridgerator lives. In ANOTHER ROOM!!

Welcome to the 1970s. The linoleum tile has GOT TO GO!!


Anonymous said...

Do you need us to vote for your kitchen?

hasby rabbi said...

Not that bad!! I mean better than the kitchen we have in house...which is very boring and odd kind!!

Nice blog (btw) :D This is a stranger who thinks u r doing a good job. :D