Man, I'm old...

So...I turned 32 on Saturday. yes, 32. I am closing in on my mid-thirties. yeouch.

I had a wonderful birthday - It started on Friday - when I had a ton of co-workers telling my Happy Birthday - even people that I rarely see from other departments. It made me feel pretty darn special!

I woke up on Saturday to the dog and little Joe jumping on the bed...my boys had let me sleep in a little bit! The two boys went to Bass Pro, so I went to Panera for coffee and a scrumptious egg soufflé. I then wandered around Marshall's and picked up some great birthday/Christmas presents for others...I did buy myself a cool Tigers shirt, and a drywick running shirt. I then went to Meijer and did grocery shopping (which was wonderful without a little helper!) Then, I got home, and found the dining table covered with gifts! My boys had gone shopping for me too! I got a SWEET new digital camera (Olympus FE-340 in red, because Little Joe picked the color)...and a FoodSaver canister for marinating. I am VERY excited about this - because it will make dinner easier, and smoking meats easier...and Joe suggested marinating pineapple in vodka..I'm going to have to try that!

That afternoon, I went to my MILs house in Dearborn, and we walked to Coldstone Creamery for my free birthday sundae. YUMM!!!

I do have some "to-do's" by the time I'm 33, but I have a year to think about those!

(FYI - the pictures in this post are from the new camera....)

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