Dinner with an old friend.

Last Friday, I went out to dinner with a girlfriend from high school whom I hadn’t seen in almost 15 years. I think the last time I saw her would have been graduation…June 1994. Wow. We went to Steve and Rocky’s in Novi – YUMM!!

It was the most wonderful evening – we talked about how our lives have changed, and how we have grown up, and the things (and people) we remember from High School. There are rumors that our class may be having a reunion next summer. It would be nice to see people again, and how people are doing. These are the people who helped form our way of thinking. The people that you grow up with, undeniably, make an impact on your life, whether you remember it or not. Growing up is tough, and teenagers are impressionable – and those friendships make a difference. Now – now I’m getting sentimental, but you get the drift. HS is full of emotions and blooming hormones, but after all of that stuff goes away – there are life lessons and impressions that are formed.

But I think most of all, having dinner with her reminded me of the wonderful people that used to be in our lives, and for whatever reason, they no longer are. I challenge you to take 2 minutes and reach out to someone that you haven't spoken with in a while - a friend from grade school, a long-lost cousin, anyone. Friendships are what we make of them.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, That was so sweet. Next time I am in Detroit, I would love to have dinner with you and catch up! Thanks for finding me.

Kelli Peterson (Woodard)