Haunted House

You see here the remnants of a toy train. Here's why...

We have spirits in our house. Ghosts, specters, souls, people, you get the idea. We have known this for a long time. Little Joe has told us many times that there is an old man in his closet, or under his bed, or in the corner of his room. He doesn't talk to him, and he isn't scared of him. There is just an old man with us.

Before my mom died, she really became interested in spirituality and angels. She told me that she would be around. And, she kept her word. I know she is with us. Little Joe says that she watches him sleep, and keeps him safe.

Both Big Joe and I have felt a presence in the kitchen as well. Like you know there is someone behind you, but when you turn around, there isn't. It's not scary or ominous...it's more like there is just something there. I'm not sure who it is...but there is certainly a "something" in our house..

So, you ask why the train is in pieces? One evening last week, the boys were sitting in the living room, and there was a noise in the kitchen. The train was making noises. and there was NOBODY in the kitchen. Big Joe went into the kitchen to see if he could get the train to stop making noises. He did, at first. Then, a few moments later, the train started up again, and he couldn't get it to stop. So, he made sure it was in pieces. It hasn't made a noise since.

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