I'm Home Today...

I'm staying home today. Little Joe decided to yak all over the kitchen floor this morning starting around 6AM. Not because he is sick though...

This is because he is stubborn.

He didn't eat dinner last night. So there was no food in his tummy this morning. If there is no food in there, then the stomach acid has nothing to react with...which means he had an upset tummy. He gets so worked up when he doesn't feel good - crying, moaning, etc. Which makes him even sicker...and he REFUSED to eat. Not even saltine crackers. So...puke happened.


I gave him a bath after the 3rd big puke (around 7AM)...and he still hasn't gotten dressed. My son is lying on the wood floor, by the dining room table, naked. no blanket. no underwear. no pillow. Stark naked. He's also been sleeping on and off...waking up to puke.

I really hope he tries to eat SOMETHING soon.

This is what I get for planning a baby in April...He's a Taurus. I'm a Taurus. I should have known better.

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