Stormwater Management at it's Best! (A glimpse of my job...)

These are some pictures from an awesome project that the City of Southfield did.

This is a paver system to allow for infiltration of stormwater:
This is a curb cut to allow the stormwater to enter the bioswale in the parking lot.
Here is a picture of their bioswale, adjacent to the City Hall Parking Lot:

In action: Porous asphalt, with the hydrant on full, check out the water just soaking into the asphalt!

And the awesome group of Rouge people...at Carpenter Lake:

Just a glimpse into my career and passion...stormwater! Whoo-hoo!!


-D. said...

Sweet, I've always wondered what a 'bioswale' was, and now I know =)

The Bonfiglio Family said...