My Little Cursing Sailor

On Friday, I picked up Joseph from latchkey, with the high hopes of having an awesome evening. We were having Aunt Sarah over for dinner, and Little Joe was really excited to see Sarah, as was I. So, we get home, and I open his folder…and see…a yellow light and a note from his teacher.


They have a card system at his school:
Green: you are doing great today!
Yellow: you have been given 3 warnings, and now you are in trouble.
Red: you have been given even more warnings, and you are now REALLY in trouble.
Double red: your father is going to beat your butt, and your mother will ground you until eternity, that is, after having to come and get you from the principal’s office!

You ask what the note said?....

“Joseph said “what the Hell”, and told a friend that he was going to flip his friend’s card to double red, and that his mom was going to come up to the school to “kick his butt”. “

Ugh. Can parenting get any worse? I realize that yes, I have my kids back…but I am NOT, (and never will) going to beat up one of my child’s friends.

So, Friday night, I did the whole soap in the mouth, grounded for the night, stay in your room while Aunt Sarah and I have fun hanging out.

Then this morning, I had a conference call, with Joseph’s teacher, and little Joe on the speaker phone. She wanted to talk to me about it, and she had Joe there for the phone call too. However, once he heard my voice on the speakerphone, he started crying. Sigh. I don’t think he was doing it maliciously, I think he thought he was playing around…(because what he said is something that we say at home, not thinking about little ears…)


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